Concrete sawing


Concrete sawing requires precision work only by a team with expertise in any type of structure and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Sawing walls and foundations;
  • Add an access in a wall or a basement;
    Modification to the structural plan of a foundation;
  • Remake the fenestration of a commercial building or other building;
  • Cut a gateway for a deviation;
  • Cut a balcony without compromising its structure;
  • Sawing floors to allow changing a concrete floor, giving access to the floor for plumbing, or installing gutters, a grating gate, a staircase or an elevator;
  • Make saw cuts for partial or complete demolition of Asphalt, concrete or expansion joints;
    Cut asphalt and concrete on the deck of a structure or viaduct to perform repairs or refurbishment of the deck;
  • Make saw cuts to control cracks;
  • Borders and sidewalk.

Call on our know-how by entrusting us with your projects, whether small or large.
It is important before performing such work to check what may be underneath or in the structure such as electrical wires, water pipes or gas. We promptly advise you to work with a recognized detection company so to minimize the risks and eliminate costs that can be exorbitant and caused serious structural problems.


Most reliable detection expertise!

Our company specialized in the localization of elements incorporated in the concrete, as well as the buried infrastructures.

Attentive to the needs of its customers, since 2010, we realize promptly your requests in detection.
Avoid incidents that are caused by existing constraints and plan changes.

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