With our equipment and expertise, we are able to carry out any type of concrete drilling.

Whether for :

Drilling for buildings

Plumbing installation, ventilation system, anchors or reinforcement rods.

Drilling for roads

For the addition of signage, fencing, modification of an electrical network or drainage.

Rehabilitation of a structure

Analysing any structure and testing the strength or thickness of the slab or install reinforcing bars of the structure.

Drilling a hole in the soil

You have a dryer hose or electricity to go through your home soil?
We can perform any type of drilling work in the industrial sector, commercial, institutional, civil engineering or for your residence. We are your team!


Most reliable detection expertise!

Our company specialized in the localization of elements incorporated in the concrete, as well as the buried infrastructures.

Attentive to the needs of its customers, since 2010, we realize promptly your requests in detection.
Avoid incidents that are caused by existing constraints and plan changes.

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